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High Protein Guar Korma Poultry Feed

Processed Super guar meal 60% is a high protein animal and poultry Feed stuff. Super guar meal 60% is the by-product obtained after guar gum is extracted from the guar seed (Cyamopasis Tetragonoloba) of leguminious plant. It is processed by toasting at high temperature to remove natural trypsin inhibitor. This enhancing its nutritive value and digestibility. It is rich in protein and carbohydrates, and is a 100% natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives, Non-GMO product. Processed Super guar meal 60% can be used either in conjunction with other feed stuffs or by itself, as it is a complete nutritional feed.


Advantages of processed Guar Meal (Fodder)

  • It is free from Free from Salmonella & Alfatoxin & E. coli, Which often infects cottonseed meal.
  • It is free flowing and therefore can be stored in silos, and does not create any problems in discharge.
  • It is completely non-flammable.
  • It contains average of minimum 45% ‘O & A (Oil & Albuminoid)
  • It can be used as a binding agent for palletizing other feed compound due to presence of residual gum.
  • 100% Non-GMO product.


Type feed
Brand Name everest
Use poultry feed
Grade a+
Cas No. 11
Einecs No. 1511
Place Of Origin india
Packaging 50 kg
Protein 48 - 52%

Additional Information

Product Code 363330
Min. Order Quantity 20 Metric Ton
Port mundra
Payment Terms L/C
Packaging Details & 50 kg