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Animal Feed

Guar Korma Meal is a bi-meal product, which is obtained by processing guar seeds. This guar meal product is known for its rich proteins and carbohydrates content. Being an excellent source of protein, Guar Korma Meal is considered as an ideal food for animals, cattle and poultry. Moreover, this product helps in getting more milk from animals as well as increases the percentage of fat in it. Generally cheaper than soya bean meal products, Guar Korma Meal is considered as a substitute for soya bean meal to feed animals.

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Proteins 48 TO 50 %
Oil Content 6-7%
Moisture 8 TO 10 %
Sand & silica 1 TO 1.5 %
Crude fibres 8 TO 10 %
Ash 6 TO 8

High Protein Animal Feed

Dairy Animals - Roasted Guar Korma is valuable cattle feed as it is rich in protein and have high digesting content, which improves digesting system of cows or buffaloes. As it is very high in protein. Fishery - Protein is the most expensive & important part of fish feed, it is important to accurately determine the protein requirements for


NON-GMO Animal Feed Guar Korma

Roasted Korma, is an ideal source of protein for animals, Guar korma contains most of the germ part of guar seeds and is a complete non-GMO plant. Essence of required amino acid profile, high energy & protein makes it most founded animal feed supplement In order to get the roasted form of Guar Korma, with heat & steam it needs to be